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The aforementioned Herb and Shallot Beef Tenderloin.

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Posted to Thread #13135 at 8:41 pm on Dec 20, 2008

I do the herb rub the day before so the work gets divided up nicely.

~Mashed potatoes (which my husband will make)
~Beets (which I'll ask my FIL to make)
~Blue Hubbard squash (if we can find one)
~English trifle

My MIL always does the dishes because she doesn't cook. So actually there isn't too much work for any one person. I'm very luckly with my family that everyone always pitches in.

It will just be my husband, me, and my in-laws. My mom can't travel anymore, and it's too close to my due date for me to travel. I feel really badly about not being with my parents at Christmas, but the timing this year just didn't work out. We had an early Christmas with them last weekend.

We're not really doing any presents this year, either. I asked all the parents just to buy things for the baby, not for us, so there really won't be much to open. Which is fine--gives me more time to do leisurely cooking, and I'd rather spend time eating anyway. :)

Christmas Eve we usually do a ham and spinach/carrot casserole, with cookies for dessert. Not sure if we're going to do that this year, although I think I should because I always like having the leftover ham for toasted ham and cheese sandwiches.

I might take the tapas/appetizer approach for New Year's Eve and locate some movies for us to watch. I really wanted to go out to dinner, but DH thinks that's a bad idea. They have a First Night celebration in town, but I don't think I want to be wandering around in a huge crowd a week away from giving birth. ;) There are worse things than staying home and nibbling, and there are a ton of appetizers in the T&T section I've been wanting to try.

Anyway, everyone's menus sound great--especially the Mexican ones! Tamales--yum!

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