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Michael in Phoenix

Hi Pat! I used a different candy thermometer as well. It was just a $15 glass...

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Posted to Thread #13185 at 4:04 pm on Dec 24, 2008

...mercury tube on a metal base. Basic stuff.

I did calibrate it by boiling water and checking the boiling point against the reading on the thermometer. It was a few degrees low. I took that into account.

I have a dedicated pan for candy making. It is a pressure cooker with no lid. It's a small one, maybe three quarts. It has a clad bottom and sides -aluminum inside of stainless steel.

I took the extra step this year of buying a pastry brush and using it only for brushing the sugar crystals (that sometimes form on the sides of the pan) with water to wash them down into the molten butter/sugar.

All this worked beautifully! I'm happy to say I haven't destroyed any batches of toffee yet this year!

Merry Christmas,


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