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What I posted are the ingredients used in flu vaccines, not all of

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those ingredients are in every flu vaccine, but as you read in Cindy's link, some of them are in her flu vaccine mist. I want to look up some of those ingredients that I don't have posted. I am not a scientist, or med anything, or with the CDC. For years I have studied natural medicine, and there are ways to pass gall stones, kidney stones without surgery. Colliodal silver is what I take instead of antibiotics. The wide use of antibiotics has lowered our immune systems, and all that anti-bacterial soap, and other products are really bad. Washing hands, and using hand sanitizer is the best way to avoid the flu, and many other viruses and infections. I won't buy into the medical community. We have money printed that means nothing, the govt trying to scare the hell out of us with this socialized medicine, madical insurance ripping off consumers, hospitals, and doctors. Walk into most hospitals, you see museum piece paintings, gardens, expensive interior designs. That's where your medical insurance $ are going.

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