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I love reading these every week. It's fun to see what other people are doing

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Posted to Thread #17632 at 2:30 am on Feb 7, 2010

in other parts of the world, from Joanie's balmy adventures on the yachts, to Ang's walks in the snowy woods with her dog. And blue elephant cakes with the grandkids - love that!

My Saturday/weekend six are comparibly pretty boring again this week:

1 - I only bought one very small plateful of mint iced brownies at the bake sale this a.m. (That's an great improvement for me!)

2 - Managed to find a few good buys on cookbooks (I need more of those like I need the mint brownies, but they were nice ones). I'll post what I bought when I have them in front of me - they're out in the cold, cold car right now.

3 - Brought home a Pizza Hut thin-crust pizza for dinner as I was pooped. First time I ever ordered a pizza online! Ugh though - like toppings on a Saltine cracker. Next time, pan pizza.

4 - DH bought a rotisserie chicken from our favorite grocery store. Plans for something with that for dinner tomorrow afternoon. Maybe chicken and dumplings (have one of Dawn_MO's earlier posts on the brain now).

5 - Thankful I'm not in D.C. or Maryland today! It's cold, but you don't have to shovel "cold". Nice night for a fire. Hope all that have power and are reading this in VA, MD, and PA are safe.

6 - Making cornbread and chili tomorrow for tomorrow night - traditional Superbowl-watching food. We are just having my cousin, her dh, and kids over - a small but cozy group. If I have time I'll make a corn/black bean dip that everyone seems to like (but for some reason I only make it around Superbowl time); probably also guacamole (the "good" fat that seems to lower my blood sugar). 'Seems I like the food and the commercials much better than the game!

Happy Sunday, everyone!

How did the fool *get* his money?!

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