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I just went and looked at some of the posts in T&T and there aren't that many

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that are linked. Early on, there was no way to link them to FK because there weren't a lot of archives.
I am going to look through the recipes that I linked and make sure the links are working. If they aren't I will post the recipe and correct the link. If everyone who posted in T&T would do the same thing it would make Mimi's job a lot easier.
The great threads are the rough ones because there were so many posts which was why it made them a great thread. Maybe we should just try and start new great threads here? We are able to see the original posts, just not open them up. We may not get all of the recipes back but we will get a lot of them. And maybe now when we post recipes in T&T we should put the actual recipe in it rather than link it with swap.
What do you think?

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