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Everyone else seems to be happy, but I am NOT . . .

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Posted to Thread #17673 at 2:28 am on Feb 10, 2010

I can no longer access posts without logging on. I have to scroll down to log on. When I am FINALLY logged on I have to scroll down to get to the tab to get to the swap. Then I have to go to the end, I have to scroll up to get to the last post. So many extra steps that seem useless.

For me, personally, this sucks. I don't often post, but I am a CONSTANT lurker, checking in several times a day. I loved that I had a shortcut that I could click on and all I had to do was hit "end" and I would be at the last post in the thread. I had no problem clicking on to see the posts. It was fun - I could be in and out in 15-30 seconds - just checking in to see what's new.

Now, I can't check in during the day. Log-in, scrolling down to log-in, scrolling down, clicking to get to the swap, clicking to get to the bottom post, then having to scroll up to get to the last post, then having to get to the post.

Sorry . . . too many steps/clicks, etc. for me to be able to access. I am horrible disappointed, as my once 30-45 second check-in to Finer Kitchen a couple of times a day during stressful work days were a welcome respite during the day. I HATE the fact that you have to log in to read the posts and subsequent answers - way too many steps to do this discretely in the office during the day now.

I am feeling now as disappointed as when Gail's collapsed. (I was one of the VERY first to complain about the new format when it was implemented.) I have loved this site even though I mostly lurk and only occassionaly contribute.

Mimi, the graphics are spectacular. I just don't have thte time during the day to check in with all the additional steps to check in as I once did any longer.

If anyone has an suggestions on how to make this easier, please, please let me know. Everyone else seems thrilled, so I am sorry to be a sore loser on my part.

My best to you all.

magnolia in chicago

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