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You all that are complaining that you must scroll down. . .

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You do realize that you DON'T need to use your scroll wheel/button on your mouse, don't you? I just drag the scroll bar down--zip-- it is down.

Yes you can look at posts without logging in. You do need to log in to post a response.

I am using Firefox and everything works fine.

And orchid, you say you hate change--do you hate to wear new clothing, do you hate to try a new restaurant, a new dish, a new recipe. All of those involve change of some sort. This board change-over, yes it is change, but change to preserve and continue in a darn-near identical format what this board was about at the old place (unlike that change from GAil's to Epi Swap--IMHO that was change for the sheer ability to change, just to say, whoo-hoo, we're brand new and we don't give a hoot who or WHAT we dump to change).

I keep telling myself, use it or lose it. Change is good especially in small increments such as the change-over on this board. Keeps the ol' brain cell in shape (too bad it doesn't keep the rest of me in shape!)

And yes I know that sometimes change seems like ATTEMPT to use it because you are losing it, but keep with it, keep trying and you won't lose it.

What's that line from Queen's "We are the Champions?" -- "I consider it a challenge before the whole human race that I never lose!"

To paraphrase the above, "I consider it a challenge before the whole of my self that I never lose track of how to keep up on changes. . . "... I know, I know, doesn't really fit. . .


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