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Hi Magnolia! For what it's worth, here are my suggestions

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"Log-in, scrolling down to log-in, scrolling down, clicking to get to the swap, clicking to get to the bottom post, then having to scroll up to get to the last post, then having to get to the post."

1 - Log-in: I don't have to log in to <b>read</b> the posts, just to make a new post, check your PMs, etc. Maybe what's throwing you off is the fact there there is a big "Log On" when you come to It's right there at the very first line, in between the // //s and I think it's there to let new users know that there's a log-in option to do more stuff. It's just the default that Mimi set up. If you've already logged in once, and clicked the "remember me" box, just ignore that top log-on option. I do.

2 - Scrolling in to log in: this should now not even be an issue if you clicked "remember me"; but yes, the first time you logged in, it's a little bit down there on the page.

3 - Scrolling down: Yes, some items are a bit further to get to, which I have not gotten used to yet, but... maybe this was done so a big ol' ad wouldn't hit you in the face as soon as you came to the site? But <i>if the ad section was visible when you first saw the page, maybe more people would click on it, thus promoting more income for the site</i> - if that's how it works.

4 - Clicking to get to the swap: Not really sure what you mean - the link for the swap is right there in the heading.

5 - Clicking to get to the bottom post/bottom of the page: This should only be a one- or two-step "end" click, or at most, a few "page down" clicks, no?

6 - Then having to scroll up to get to the last post: Yes, see #3. This is because of the large white space down at the bottom, near the Paypal option.

7 - Having to get to the post: I see your frustration by the time you get to this point; but now you're at the post, all ready to read, no? ;o)

I think the biggest things to get used to are that permanent "Log On" phrase at the time (not sure how else Mimi could do it, though, unless just having one "log on" spot, not two) and also the large spaces to scroll over (top and bottom) - not sure why they're there.

Chin up! It'll get better the more you use it.

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