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Does anyone know if adding white "chocolate" wafers to 70 percent dark chocolate (the "good" choc)

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Posted to Thread #17680 at 3:59 pm on Feb 10, 2010

in an attempt to make it sweeter and lighter (I don't like the bitter taste of really dark chocolate) would still retain the same healthy properties?

Other than adding fat that doesn't have any benefits like the dark choc, it doesn't subtract any of the antioxidant benefits, does it?

I never quite really understood if "less than 70 percent chocolate" was still good for you, just not as good as 70+ because it added "empty" fat calories.

I'd like to melt some to use, but don't want full-strength dark chocolate and can't imagine that it wouldn't still be good for you - I mean, you're eating it, still, you'd just have to eat more to get the same amount of AO. But that's not a problem! heheh

Any thoughts?

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