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Why don't you use a slightly sweeter chocolate, such as 55 - 60 per cent? Still is a good

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source of antioxidants. If that's too dark for you, I would just add some milk chocolate to the bittersweet - I definitely wouldn't add white chocolate - blech.

Meanwhile, cocoa powder is a better source of antioxidants than bar chocolate, and is very low in fat. Here's some interesting info:

"As nice as it is to think that chocolate is healthy, it really isnít. The main component of chocolate is cocoa butter, which is pure fat (although, like olive oil, a heart-healthy fat). A bar at 70% cacao content contains 40% cocoa butter and 30% sugar, which leaves 30% for cacao particles, which is what delivers the antioxidants. So by the time you eat enough chocolate to actually receive benefits from its antioxidants, you will have consumed more calories and fat than is recommended for a well balanced diet. Cocoa powder, however, is low in fat and calories and consists of 100% cacao particles, thus making it a better source of antioxidants than chocolate."


A balanced diet is equal parts of milk and dark chocolate.

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