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I went through sticker shock, in general, when we moved to Manhattan...

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But the Morgiewicz produce stand is cheaper, and better quality, than Whole Foods. Their prices have been stable for the last two years, and I think they mention in that article that they try to keep their prices down. (They're cheaper than the rest of the vendors at our greenmarket, for what it's worth.) <a href="">This is our greenmarket</a>. The Morgiewicz guys have carrots, $2 a bunch; giant bunch of beets for $2; onions, gorgeous heads of lettuce and greens for $2. You can cram four giant bags full of produce and not break a ten dollar bill.

But the stand next to them sells pints of strawberries and cherries for $6. A PINT. No way. I don't buy berries anyway, anywhere, when they go over $4. Given my druthers, I'd much rather support small farmers, family farms, and small businesses, instead of corporations, and I try, but I can't afford $6 berries. And I can't afford $6 eggs, either. But someone can! Those berry guys are charging what the market can support at 57th and 9th*! Same for the vendors at Union Square (but probably more so, because it's a big tourist draw). So I try to do most of my produce shopping from Morgiewicz, and I usually only buy from them (and occasionally from Meredith's Breads).

Incidentally, each vendor at this greenmarket accepts food stamps (which is great, and I think is the case for most NYC greenmarkets), so I'm not sure what that does to my "the market supports it" theory.

I think I've mentioned this before, but there's a bitter irony in the fact that Whole Foods is our most affordable local grocery store in this part of town. (Granted, we rarely buy anything processed**, so that would keep costs down anywhere.) They're so big that they can undercut the other chains here, and do so by a lot. That's where we go for meats, dairy, fruit, grains, pasta. I would gladly shop at the indie market, Westerly Foods, but it requires a surgeon's precision to steer a stroller down their tiny aisles...

*(Two blocks away from Whole Foods, as you know.)

**Not because we're snobs, but because, unless forcibly prevented, I usually inhale processed foods like a piranha going after a cow.

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