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I think part of the joy of eating at other people's houses is learning how they do things. I've

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been staying with friends and basically avoiding a lease for a while now. It's been an eye opening experience, seeing what people eat, favorite foods, condiments etc. One friend is an awesome cookie baker. I had no idea. Another friend makes family dinner every night and is also a home cocktail afficianado. He also introduced me to some interesting spices. I'd seen them in the grocery store and never bought them. Now I'm obsessed! Another friend eats the most beautiful salads with every meal. From her I learned how easy it can be. And her kids ... 6 and 3 years old eat salads without a fuss every day too. It's a learning opportunity for everyone. (Especially when I polished off a friend's ice cream and went to replace it. $8?!?! For fancy ice cream from the grocery store? I nearly passed out!)

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