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You are so right Charley. Our local Farmers Market has a EBT

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(Electronics Beneftis Transer ) booth and I see the folks getting their wooden coins there. They go around looking at the various booths and so many have no idea what to do with a bell pepper, or a leek. If I hear them discussing it, I try and help the best I can, even giving them a quick, easy way to prep the ingredient or add it into a recipe. Last week, a couple of really shaggy, very thin, twitchy type of guys, were talking loudly, discussing what they were going to spend their money on. They looked at a huge pile of beautiful cucumbers and one announced, "for sure, I am getting me some of them hot house cukes!" I turned and told them (with a smile) that they were going to get someithing better than that....real cukes just picked out of the grower's garden late yesterday with no sprays or chemicals on them. I got a beautiful toothless grin back! Oh my.

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