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I'd give it a try. I think the eggplant is the "problem" but this link talks

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about freezing baba ganoush and why it can work. I'd have some extra cilantro to add when serving. That will lose its oomph. It might separate a bit, but stir it up.

ggplant as a stand-alone dish doesn't respond well to freezing. With porous, spongy flesh combined with natural tannins, you inevitably end up with a thawed piece of mushy vegetable matter with a bitterness that overtakes its nuanced flavor. But prepared eggplant dishes like baba ghanoush can handle it. The lemon juice in baba ghanoush neutralizes the tannic bitterness and preserves color, and, since it already has a pureed or mashed consistency, you won't notice a change in its texture after thawing.

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