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The more I think about it it was two large bridal showers

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And somewhere between 75 to 90 cookies each. Made and froze way ahead of time. Did a few smaller events for friends (bee cookies for a book launch - the cover of the book had beess on it, etc. For that one I made little bees up way ahead of time with stiffer royal icing and then plopped them on the cookies.)

For one I made up the dough at least a month in advance and then one day I baked and decorated the same day. This one was a heart shaped cookie that was flooded in white and then then I think I put the initials of the bride and groom in script - something like "V & J". I'm a tad hazy because at the same time I was making 200+ faux cupcake place card holders - I did that one in stages over weeks. And damn near went crazy.

The other I once again made the dough way in advance on froze it. And then a day or so ahead I made a slew of pink hearts with royal icing (at a stiffer consistency). The next day I baked and flooded the cookies in white and dropped a heart on each.

With both, once dried, I laid them single layer in large 2 gallon ziplocks and frozen until the night before they were needed. Bagging them was the simple part:) I think I also made nice labels that I quickly put on the backs of the cookies with a glue runner (small, cheap plastic thingee).

I have lots of freezer space. (3 freezers) but they really didn't take up too much space. I think the cookies were 4 inches.

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