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OOOh, this should be interesting.

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Posted to Thread #29632 at 7:12 pm on May 16, 2017

CI had an article I saved from May + June 2014 -- How to Grill a Great Steak. For everyday steaks, it suggests to either marinate or salty rub. (I have to avoid soy marinades.)
"Refrigerate the steaks for 2 hours, Just before grilling, mist the steaks with vegetable oil spray to help the rub cling and encourage the spices' fat-soluble compounds to 'bloom' on the grill."

I'd also read an article by a chef who tested salting rib eye steaks. His results indicated two options: salting at the last minute or salting long time, more than 40 minutes. I'll see if I can find who that was.

In the meantime, I've wrapped and frozen the extra raw meat!

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