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Here is David Leibowitz's no pectin recipe. I make just about every other kind of

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jam, both with added pectin or not, but don't have access to cherries enough to make jam.
For his recipe, if you are doing no pectin, I would suggest after the first cooking of the cherries to remove the fruit and boil the liquid until it is near the jelling point (220*) and then add the fruit back and finish and put in jars. This is what I do for strawberries. I also let the fruit macerate in sugar (he boils his first) up to overnight but at least 3-4 hours.
For his recipe a number of comments are about it not jelling-and overcooking. The way I have described above will help with those problems.
Hope this helps.
I also do jams and jellies with added pectin, but not the "full dose" as you would with a package of Sure Jell. You can now buy it in a jar and tailor your product as to amount of sugar, which is nice.
I do NOT like the low sugar pectins--I don't like the texture of the jelly it produces at all. Just an opinion.

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