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I have become increasingly disappointed with the quality of meats offered now

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Posted to Thread #29632 at 1:56 pm on May 17, 2017

Years ago, when raising a family, we bought half a beef for many years. The meat was aged to our specs, and we always ordered our hamburger on the lean side. The meat was so darn good, cooked up to perfection and I do not recall anything being chewy.

Today, I have a hard time with hamburger! There is a graininess about much of it. Not sure what is causing this but the mouth feel in not right. Many of the steaks we buy, are chewy. Some of the meat used for braising gets tender all right, but it is also dry. I still cook many of the recipes I used years ago, and they do not turn out like they used to.

Pork chops, which I dearly loved are terrible. I have to order them special to get the proper cut. I want them the same thickness all the way through, not fat on the meaty end and too thin on the bone side.
I ordered some special chops from a local butcher who really knows his stuff two weeks ago. They were thick cut and beautiful, and made quite a hit with the check out clerks who wanted to know what I was going to do with those beauties. They ended up rather dry, and the flavor is just not there. My husband, an ex meat cutter and meat shop owner, is very disappointed in the quality these days, as well. One store I shop at sells all boneless beef, nothing still has the bone-in, he claims it does not sell. What? I still prefer bone-in with everything, even chicken. I only buy those boneless, skinless breasts for convenience sake, to use in chicken salads, and an occasional, grilled chicken on a burger bun.

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