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It's been too long.... <3

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Posted to Thread #29644 at 5:09 pm on May 23, 2017

I met Pat from NoCal today, and she made me realize how much I have MISSED YOU guys <3

I haven't been here in ages. To make a long story short: Two years ago I got cancer, but I was lucky and thanks to great doctors and good friends I survived. Three weeks ago I was in a car accident (I was hit in the rear driving 60mph on the highway) but again, I was lucky and walked out of the car without a scratch. (The car, on the other hand....)

Oh well....a car can be replaced. Good friends and family can't, and I have realized that cooking and friends and family goes hand in hand. So I need more recipes, more inspiration and more cooking friends to see me through my next cooking disasters. I hope you are up for the task :-D

"I Love Cooking With Wine. Sometimes I Even Put It In The Food."

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