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Soup Sundays and how to see your friends and family more.

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As I mentioned in my previpous post, the last two years have beenÖ..challenging. Or as hubby says, ďYou have to stop almost-dying every other yearĒ. :-D
One thing I have realized though, is that friends and family are IMPORTANT! They cannot be replaced by anyone or anything, so after my illness I decided to see them more. But thing is, itís a lot of work to have people over for dinner, and if it happens often, it also gets expensive. So I needed to approach my plan from a different angle. And hence the Soup Sundays arose.
Long story short: Every other Sunday I invite friends or family (or a mix) for soup. I make a huge pot of soup the day before (so I can just reheat it before the guests arrive) and then I make No-Knead bread (I set the dough the night before) on Sunday morning.

Also, we are known to eat a lot of bananas and oranges in our house, so I also make a quick banana bread or orange sponge cake the same morning. The guests arrive at 2 pm for soup and freshly baked bread, and after the soup we have coffee and cake. I also serve wine or beer, but since itís Sunday most people stick to just a glass, so thatís not breaking the bank either.
We are usually done by 6 or 7 pm, so I and hubby get the night to ourselves so we can wind down and get ready for a new week.
My soup Sundays have been a huge success, and people are constantly telling me how they appreciate the laid back style and home cooked food. And I love that.

Now as the weather is getting warmer, Iím thinking of making a couple of salads instead of a soup and just put some meat or fish on the grill to go with it. Iíll still serve bread (and butter!) of course, because mye home made bread is very popular (doesnít people bake bread anymore?), but I donít think summer and hot soup is a great match.
So there you go. Itís a stress free and budget friendly way to see friends and family and have a good time :-)

"I Love Cooking With Wine. Sometimes I Even Put It In The Food."

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