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Here ya go Pat. Rec: Lobster Tartlet Pastry Dough & Shrimp Remoulade Tartlets

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Posted to Thread #3911 at 3:43 pm on Oct 10, 2006

Scroll down at link for the Lobster Tartlet Pastry Dough recipe.

This is from the old Gail's:

My notes:

After much research on the internet and VERY helpful tips from Gretchen, Mistral, Nat, Patrick, and Anna (see Post #61101), I was able to make thin and pretty tartlets. This was my second try at making 2-1/2” diameter fluted tartlets.

I refrigerated the disk of dough in plastic wrap for about two hours and let it sit at room temperature for a while until it was pliable. I used Maya brand Chappati flour (100% durum whole wheat) and Lurpak’s (Danish) slightly salted butter (only 3% sodium) and the pastry turned out very tasty.

I bought a set of circular cutters and used the one that was ½” larger in diameter than the tartlet tins. I used the same sized cutter to form aluminum foil interior liners for the ceramic pie weights. Fold the tin foil three times the width and using a pen, draw a circle around the cutter to cut out the liners. I only pricked the sides of the dough before lining with foil and one layer of pie weights. After cooling the tartlets on a rack, I filled them with the chilled remoulade.

Ideally, the tartlet dough should be between a 1/8” to Ό” when rolled out.

Mind you, I first saw the Shrimp Remoulade recipe on page 99 of Bon Appetit’s July, 2005 magazine.

Tartlets are so cool because you can freeze them in a double-deckered tin foil lined container and reheat them (thawed) in a preheated oven at 400° F for less than four minutes.

Happy dining!

Link: Lobster Tarlet Pastry Dough

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