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Nürnberger Elisenlebkuchen for Eva

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I will post my recipes under this heading. But first my notes:

The Nürnberg Elisen is very different than the rolled spicy gingerbread type Lebkuchen that is cut out into shapes (hearts for Oktoberfest, witch's houses---gingerbread houses--- for Christmas [Germans...go figure], etc.). The Elisen version contains no honey, little or no flour, "flour" is mostly ground nuts, and it's held together with beaten eggs, mounded onto oblaten (potato/rice/wheat flour wafers), dried over night, then baked.

However, the commerically prepared version you have deviates from the classic recipes in that it does contain flour and a little bit of honey as well as a thick apple sauce/puree and persipan, which is a peculiar German ingredient that we cannot get here in the US, maybe you can in Norway. It's basically a marzipan made with peach pits and sugar.

And lastly, classic Elisen is made with hazelnuts, but the commerical cookies are made with a mixture of hazelnuts, almonds, and walnuts.

While they're not truly "authentic" they are amazingly good and I much prefer them over the ancient Elisen recipes (I actually saw the oldest known written recipe in a museum in Nürnberg--it's from around 1400's if I remember correctly) that do not include flour and honey.

That said, I'll post the German "pure" originals then my adaptations and variations in search of a homebaked product that approximates the commercial Elisen that one buys in Germany at the Christkindlemarkt this time of year.

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