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Oh my gosh! The T&T Section! I'm so honored! I'd like to thank my husband for allowing me to buy

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all the cookbooks I have, my in-laws who always enjoyed my cooking (hardly ever make a meal of note any more), and Suzanne Somers who put this recipe in one of her cookbooks. I'd also like to thank (music from orchestra starts) Revere Ware who made the (louder, LOUDER MUSIC) PAN WITH RACK THAT I USED TO COOK THE ROAST!!!


(Full orchestra playing, thundering, deafening applause fills the auditorium! As I turn, my size 2 Vera Wang gown flows gracefully revealing just a hint of my pilates-stretched calf and my Jimmy Choo beaded sandles.)

Eternity is a ham and two people. ~Dorothy Parker

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