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I’ve developed a “Code Buster” method to reformat and get rid of that annoying little square

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that EPI put into our beloved Gail’s Recipe Swap recipes. Believe me, it’s really easy. Unfortunately, the paragraphs that were, cannot be salvaged – you’ll have to recreate them manually.

It’s best to print the following instructions:

1. Find your recipe at Gail’s Recipe Swap and select, copy and paste only the recipe verbage to a blank page using WORD. See link for example.

2. Put your cursor in front of the first character of the recipe. Go to the format toolbar and select AutoFormat from the format toolbar and click OK.

Go to tools, macro, Microsoft Script Editor. Go to the edit toolbar and select find and replace, “replace”. In the Find What box, enter  ( the upper case "and", the uppercase pound and semi colon with no spaces)and in the Replace With box, enter a lower case ‘ (apostrophe). Select Replace All and click OK When done, simply go back into the Find What box and repeat the process by changing the number only to 19 in the Find What box (), and change the Replace With box to upper case “ (quotation mark). Select Replace All, OK again. Just one more to do. Change the Find What Box number only to 20. In the Replace With box, keep the “ as it is and Select Replace All Again, OK.

X-out of the Replace Box and click on the SAVE icon in the upper left and X-out of SAVE AS dialog box when it suddenly appears. It will return you to the Script Editor.

You’ll see a small refresh bar to the left - select refresh. X-out of the editor and you’ll be returned to your reformatted document.

Just trying to help undo a terrible, terrible wrong…

Link: To undo a terrible, terrible wrong

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