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#16591: That's a misleading list, as it implies that ALL those additives are in the flu vaccine, whereas in

Posted by: Shaun in TO at 12:54 pm on Oct 25, 2009

fact only a few are, as clarified in the CDC's list Cindy linked to. All additives play some vital role (such as emulsifiers) and all are harmless in the huge majority of cases.

In Canada, and probably also the States, the additives in the H1N1 vaccine are EXACTLY the same as those in previous seasonal flu vaccines. They have been extensively tested in the past and are proven to be safe. In fact, if H1N1 had showed up a few months earlier, it would simply have been included as one of the three or four antigens in this year's regular seasonal flu vaccine, and not been a separate vaccination.

Any vaccine may have harmful results in some individuals, but the same goes for Tylenol or cough syrup. But your chances of dying of flu -- any flu, not just H1N1 -- are far greater than your chances of dying from or being made chronically ill by a flu vaccine.

A lot of what scares people is the list of mysterious chemical names. I think these people should be more scared by the list of chemicals on their bottle of salad dressing.

Incidentally, you ingest more mercury in a tuna sandwich than you get in a vaccine.

I'm personally puzzled by all this talk about people "being informed" about what's in an injection and being able to make "informed choices." When was the last time you looked at what else is in your Tylenol tablet, or your multivitamin? When was the last time a diabetic who takes insulin looked at what else is in that bottle? If you're travelling to India, your doctor will give you shots for malaria and typhoid. If you cut yourself on a piece of rusty metal, you'll get a routine tetanus shot. Do people demand to know what additives are in those vaccines? Do people refuse to have those shots because they contain polysorbate or gelatin or something that's been linked to cancer in rats at high doses? No, usually not -- they just get their shots because they don't want to get malaria or tetanus. What's the difference with flu?