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#17703: Luisa, I'm so sorry that your Meyer Lemon Marmalade recipe disappointed you. I made this wonderful

Posted by: Marianne at 2:17 am on Feb 13, 2010

marmalade and posted a message about it in '06, as I was so happy with the taste and the results. My link is to my original post, with my comments and my instructions, and the link inside my post is to the Epi recipe that I used. The recipe I used actually came from my copy of Ruth Reichel's Gourmet Cookbook, but it is the same as the Epi recipe. I can't find any difference between your recipe and mine, and I wish I knew why your marmalade didn't taste good to you. Mine was delicious, I gave away all my small jars of it, and everyone said they liked it. This is really puzzling.


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