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#7149: boy, I hate when this happens. One of your posts led me to a blog...

Posted by: MarilynFL at 7:45 pm on Jul 5, 2007

with photos of ice cream or what it cupcake? topped with Mom's chocolate topping or something like that....(see why I'm having problem finding it again...I'm not even sure what I'm looking for). I <i>think</i> it's ice cream, but you know, it could be a cupcake. Or a car battery.

Anyway, there are recipes for both the ice cream/cupcake? AND this chocolate topping from Mom. AND a photo!

Chocolate topping recipe included canned milk (I think evaporated, not condensed, but then I unintentionally gave my age incorrectly today (OLDER, no less), so what do I know?)

It was within this past week.

Jesus saves. Buddha recycles.