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From someone who wrote me privately: He says:

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Posted to Thread #16591 at 7:04 pm on Oct 25, 2009

"A vaccine is a vaccine. I AM a medically
knowledgeable person. Your post is FULL of inconsistencies, attacking the medical community and the pharmaceutical industry. This vaccine has been tested more than ANY other. I hope your skin doesn't turn grey/blue from your silver dosages. Why don't you post that tidbit so people will know what they are putting in their bodies."

I replied:

I have no problem posting your information. I will not argue, your opinion is as important as mine.

What I posted here is information. I am not up for a debate. We talk daily and obsessively about what we put in our bodies via our pie holes...if you will...These are ingredients they put in flu vaccines. It's a fact. The CDC will tell you so.

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