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I feel you pain...and thanks for the heads-up on pitfalls and mutinees...

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Having watched Food, Inc. I'm really up in arms and since I have room, I've been wondering about this myself. My family sold 5 of our 7 acres when I was 14, and so I'm sitting next to 4 unused acres...right beside me, where I played as a child...and I know where the water line lies... I've often wondered about talking to the present day owner about leasing part of their property. It would resolve them having to mow that portion of it...a real pain as it is a real fire hazard. I appreciate you relating your experience...
And goats? Bravo!!! On a love-hate scale, I learned to love my snakes...I'll never love a goat again in my life. Ever. Not even on my plate. LOL! Decimation to be certain!!

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