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Music City Missy

Thanks everyone - they were the hit of the party! Here's the 'recipe'

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Posted to Thread #5888 at 2:15 am on Feb 27, 2007

if you can call it that - more of a concept. They served these as passed appetizers the other night at an ACF meeting and I loved them so I just had to try making them myself.

Make a cream cheese mixture - I beat cream cheese with a little sour cream to thin (plus sour cream goes with potato pancakes), add VERY finely minced shallots and capers to taste and add some finely grated lemon peel. Mix and chill to blend flavors and firm it all up.
Make potato pancakes very thin and the size of about a silver dollar. Top with a very thin slice of smoked salmon cut or torn to fit the size of the pancake. Pipe a small star or rosette on the top and arrange on a platter.

While they were definitely a hit, here are things I will do differently next time:

I didn't have time to chill my cream cheese mixture and it was not perfected - didn't have the stuff chopped finely enough to pipe through a decorating star tip (about a 17 or maybe as large as a 21 - her rosettes were TINY) so I can't tell if the sour cream thinned it too much, too much juice from the capers or just not enough chill time. Plus it would have been much better if the flavors had more time to come together.

My pancakes were too thick and too large. Make sure you really flatten them quickly as you add them to the pan so they are really flat - that way they stay crispy when they cool down. Here's were almost like just grated potatoes with some chopped parsley so I question whether she used egg, flour or anything as a binder.

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